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Where is Sidley Park located?

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What is carnal embrace?

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Who has been caught practicing carnal embrace in the gazebo?

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What is the best source of records at the estate?

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What is the name of Mr. Chater's book?

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As what does Mr. Chater consider himself?

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How does Septimus describe the world when all mysteries are discovered and everything is known?

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What does Thomasina want before her seventeenth birthday?

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What does Thomasina discover?

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What does Thomasina create with her equations?

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What historical figure does Thomasina abhor?

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What does Thomasina notice about her rice pudding?

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What causes Thomasina's death?

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What is Bernard's false theory?

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Where does Mr. Chater actually die?

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With what does Mr. Noakes replace the gazebo?

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Who is the hermit?

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What characters are played by the same actor?

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Why do the Chaters and Captain Brice leave Sidley Park?

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What does Thomasina draw into Mr. Noakes's drawing?

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Why are the modern Crooms dressed in Regency wear?

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What theory does the play best represent?

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What is the connection between Lord Byron and Septimus?

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What does Gus give Hannah at the conclusion of the play?

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Why does Septimus tell Thomasina, in the conclusion of the play, that he has taken back his primer?

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Why couldn't Thomasina finish her formula?

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What kind of pet do Septimus and Valentine have?

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What book finally proves Mr. Chater wasn't killed by Lord Byron?