1. Who was Semiramis?

2. Where do the Old Man and Old Woman live?

3. Which of the following does the Old Man say his occupation is?

4. Who is the first guest?

5. What is interesting about the Orator?

6. The theatrical movement that Ionesco spearheaded was which of the following?

7. What shape is the stage of The Chairs?

8. Who do the Old Man and Old Woman pay their respects to before committing suicide?

9. What does the audience do after the Orator leaves?

10. With whom was the Old Man once in love?

11. What does the Old Woman often ask the Old Man to imitate?

12. What does the Old Woman do after the room is filled?

13. Who is invited to the message?

14. In what city does the Old Man's story take place?

15. What famous play by Samuel Beckett came out in the same year as The Chairs?