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What happened to Mrs. Ranevsky's son Grisha?

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Why would Trofimov bring back bad memories for Mrs. Ranevksy?

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What is Varya's relation to Mrs. Ranevksy?

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What does Lopakhin suggest Ranekvsy do with the cherry orchard?

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While looking out at the Orchard through her window, Ranevksy believes she sees…?

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Ranevsky views the Orchard as a symbol of ….?

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Who does everyone expect Lopakhin to propose to?

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Why does Dunyasha think Yasha is lucky?

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What, according to Trofimov, is the main problem with Russian intellectuals?

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Who walks by, playing the guitar, just before the "sound of a breaking string" is heard for the first time?

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What is Yephikodov's nickname?

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When was the "sound of a snapping string" last heard, according to Firs?

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Charlotte's many talents include:

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What does Firs represent in the play?

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Where does Varya plan to go after she leaves the estate?