1. What happened to Mrs. Ranevsky's son Grisha?

2. Why would Trofimov bring back bad memories for Mrs. Ranevksy?

3. What is Varya's relation to Mrs. Ranevksy?

4. What does Lopakhin suggest Ranekvsy do with the cherry orchard?

5. While looking out at the Orchard through her window, Ranevksy believes she sees…?

6. Ranevsky views the Orchard as a symbol of ….?

7. Who does everyone expect Lopakhin to propose to?

8. Why does Dunyasha think Yasha is lucky?

9. What, according to Trofimov, is the main problem with Russian intellectuals?

10. Who walks by, playing the guitar, just before the "sound of a breaking string" is heard for the first time?

11. What is Yephikodov's nickname?

12. When was the "sound of a snapping string" last heard, according to Firs?

13. Charlotte's many talents include:

14. What does Firs represent in the play?

15. Where does Varya plan to go after she leaves the estate?