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Orestes seeks advice on how to avenge his father's death from the oracle of which god?

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At what time of day does the play begin?

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Where is the palace of Agamemnon located?

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While standing outside the palace gates, Orestes, Pylades, and the Old Man hear Electra inside doing what?

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Why does the Old Man prevent Orestes from greeting Electra immediately?

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What does Chrysothemis carry as she talks to Electra outside the palace gates?

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According to Chrysothemis, what does Aegisthus plan to do with Electra if she doesn't stop mourning?

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In Clytemnestra's dream, Agamemnon's scepter turns into what?

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What does Electra persuade her sister to do with Clytemnestra's offering for Agamemnon's grave?

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What reason does Clytemnestra give for having killed Agamemnon?

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Clytemnestra makes a prayer at the altar to which god?

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Clytemnestra prays for all of the following except:

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The Old Man claims to bring the news of Orestes's death from where?

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According to the Old Man, how was Orestes killed?

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Why does Chrysothemis believe that Orestes is alive and near at hand?

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After informing Chrysothemis that Orestes is, in fact, dead, Electra suggests that the sisters do what?

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What is Orestes carrying with him when he approaches Electra in front of the palace gates?

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For what thing does Orestes ask Electra just before he reveals to her his true identity?

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Who is Old Man?

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Why does Electra wait outside while Orestes kills their mother?

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How does Electra respond the sounds of Clytemnestra's death?

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What is the first thing Aegisthus asks Electra after he has returned home?

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Why does Aegisthus want to place what he thinks is Orestes's corpse out in the open?

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What does Aegisthus ask to do before his murder that Electra denies him right?

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What does Electra decide to do with Aegisthus' corpse?

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Where does Orestes want to kill Aegisthus?