1. What is Andrew Undershaft's motto?

2. What is the inscription on the dome of the Labor Church in Perivale St. Andrews?

3. What is the name of Bill Walker's girl?

4. Who is Lord Saxmundham?

5. What does Barbara's name mean?

6. What is Lady Britomart's maiden name?

7. What does Undershaft identify as necessary to salvation?

8. What does Undershaft identify as the worst of crimes?

9. What does Horace Bodger produce?

10. What instrument does Lomax play in Act I?

11. When was the Undershaft firm founded?

12. What job does Peter Shirley take at the foundry?

13. What is the name of Lady Britomart's butler?

14. What does Undershaft consider the "final test" of conviction?

15. What play does Cusins quote in Act II?

16. In Act II, Mrs. Baines mentions a London riot to Undershaft? When were they?

17. Where do Cusins's parents reside?

18. What profession does Undershaft suggest to Stephen?

19. What instrument does Undershaft play?

20. Who steals Bill Walker's money?

21. What is Lomax's religion?

22. Undershaft agrees to how much of Cusins's proposed starting salary?

23. Who does Barbara ask for at the end of play?

24. What is Cusins' first name?

25. What is Rummy short for?