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What is the name of Brant's ship?

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What is the name of the Mannons' maid?

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What is Christine's color?

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From where does Christine get the name of the poison that kills Ezra?

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Where do Lavinia and Orin travel?

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What was Marie Brantôme's occupation?

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Who is Ezra Mannon's counterpart in The Oresteia?

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Whose portrait does not hang in the Mannon household?

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In killing Brant, Orin fantasizes that he has killed whom?

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In her last declarations of love to Peter, whose name does Lavinia cry?

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Where does Orin kill himself?

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Where does Christine kill herself?

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Who finds Orin's dead body?

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How is Brant related to Ezra?

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What is the second song the Chantyman sings to Brant?

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Which of the following do not figure as "islands" in the play?

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Who is Orin's counterpart in The Oresteia?

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How does Lavinia make Peter leave her?

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Where does Lavinia follow her mother to spy on her?

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Who does not address Ezra's portrait at some point in the play?

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Who does not wear a mask-like face?

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Where does Lavinia put her mother's pillbox?

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O'Neill was the first American to win what prize?

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Who is Christine's counterpart in The Oresteia?

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What is Lavinia's nickname?