Full Title A View from the Bridge

Author Arthur Miller

Type of Work Play

Genre Modern Drama

Language English

Time and Place Written 1950s, United States

Date of First Publication 1955 original, 1957 revised

Publisher Penguin Books

Narrator Alfieri

Point of View Not applicable (drama)

Tone Not applicable (drama)

Tense Alfieri narrates the play in the present and describes the events in the past tense. The action occured sometime before the present.

Setting (time) 1940–1960

Setting (place) Brooklyn, NY

Protagonist Eddie Carbone

Major Conflict Eddie Carbone and his wife Beatrice house illegal immigrant cousins from Italy. When one of the cousins falls in love with Catherine, the niece of Eddie, whom Eddie has incestuous desires for, Eddie betrays his family and calls Immigration to stop the marriage of his niece and cousin.

Rising Action Eddie is protective of his niece Catherine, Rodolpho and Catherine fall in love, Eddie is determined to stop the marriage.

Climax The Immigration Bureau comes to arrest Marco and Rodolpho.

Falling Action Alifieri pays bail for Marco and Rodolpho, the day of Catherine and Rodolpho's marriage Marco unintentionally results in Eddie's death.

Themes Alligance to community law; The irrational human animal; Naming names

Motifs Geography; Community; Betrayal

Symbols High Heels; Brooklyn Bridge; Italy

Foreshadowing Eddie tells the story of Vinny Bolzano, a boy who ratted on his family to Immigration; Alfieri's speeches