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What section of Brooklyn in the book set in?

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Where are Beatrice's cousins from?

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What is Eddie's profession?

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What does Eddie not think Catherine should wear?

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Who are Mike and Louis?

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Why does Marco come to the US?

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What reasons does Rodolpho give for coming to the U.S.?

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What song does Rodolpho sing?

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What does Catherine go to school for?

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What is Alferi's job?

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What does Beatrice tell Catherine she must do?

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What relation are Eddie and Catherine?

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What do Mike and Louis say about Rodolpho that embarrases Eddie?

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What does Alfieri advise Eddie to do?

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What bothers Eddie about Rodolpho?

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What reason does Eddie tell Catherine that she should break up with Rodolpho?

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What kind of fish does Marco tell Beatrice swim near Coney Island?

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How does Marco show his superior strength to Eddie?

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Catherine asks Rodolpho if he would marry her if they had to move back to Italy. What is his response?

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What does Eddie offer to teach Rodolpho?

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When Eddie comes home and finds Catherine and Rodolpho have been alone in the bedroom what is his reaction?

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When Alfieri pays Marco and Rodolpho's bail what does he make them promise?

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When the immigration police arrest Marco and Rodolpho, Marco offends Eddie. What does he do?

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What does Rodolpho dream of buying with his new money?

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Besides Eddie's lust for Catherine, why is Beatrice unhappy in her marriage with Eddie?

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What does Eddie claim Marco has stolen from him?

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What does Marco call Eddie at the play's conclusion?

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What best describes Alfieri's conclusion to the play?