How did the struggle for American neutrality evolve during Adams and Jefferson's presidencies? How did it necessitate specific foreign relations policy?

By the election of 1800, the Republicans commanded far greater popular support than they had in 1796. Which elements of the population had changed their allegiance and why?

What evidence is there to suggest that the Alien and Sedition Acts were purely politically motivated? In what ways did the acts infringe upon guaranteed rights?

While in office, did Thomas Jefferson remain committed to the ideals of the Republican Party or did he lose touch with his state's rights roots, as the Tertium Quids contended? What is the evidence to support each argument?

In what ways was the Louisiana Purchase a boon to the US, and in what ways was it a curse?

Describe the various forces of subversion that existed in the American southwest. Why did these forces fail to present a legitimate threat to the nation?

Describe the effects of the Embargo Act in Britain and in the US. What factors dictated the differing experiences? How did these differences dictate the success or failure of the Embargo Act?

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