1. During what international war did the Russian Revolution take place?

What calendar did Russia use until February 1918?

Which tsar did terrorists assassinate in 1881?

4. What slogan was shouted during the February Revolution?

5. The February Revolution began as a(n)

6. Where was the tsar during the February Revolution?

7. As a result of the February Revolution, the tsar

8. After the February Revolution, how many organizations claimed to be the new Russian government?

9. The provisional government was made up of

10. Which country’s government aided Lenin in returning to Russia?

11. Upon his return to Russia, how did Lenin view revolutionaries outside his own party?

What slogan did Lenin use following his arrival in Russia in April 1917?

13. What was the set of ideas that Lenin expressed in the newspaper Pravda following his return to Russia?

14. During the summer following the February Revolution, what did Lenin initially believe was the best strategy for starting a second revolution?

15. The Bolshevik Party drew its support primarily from

16. The Petrograd Soviet was a(n)

17. Which of the following events seriously weakened the Bolsheviks?

18. Which of the following seriously weakened the provisional government?

19. Who was Lavr Kornilov?

20. What happened as a result of the July Putsch?

Which is true of the Bolsheviks during August and September 1917?

In early October 1917 all of the following were true of the Bolsheviks except

23. Which two Bolsheviks were most strongly against starting the revolution sooner rather than later?

24. Which action did the provisional government take against the Bolsheviks just prior to the October Revolution?

25. Who were the “junkers”?

26. What was the Aurora?

27. Why did it take an entire day for the Bolsheviks to capture the Winter Palace?

28. During the February Revolution, what sparked the mutiny among the soldiers?

29. After the October Revolution, what was Lenin’s first official act?

30. What happened to Kerensky after the revolution?

31. What representative body was meeting in Petrograd on the same day as the October Revolution?

32. What was the official name of Lenin’s new government?

33. Which former critic of Lenin chaired the Executive Committee?

34. What was the immediate reaction of Russian upper classes to the October Revolution?

35. What was the Bolsheviks’ initial policy regarding the Constituent Assembly?

36. How did the Bolsheviks fare in the elections for the Constituent Assembly?

37. Which best describes the response to the October Revolution in Moscow?

38. Who became the Russian foreign minister under Lenin?

39. Immediately following the October Revolution, what was the state of the Bolsheviks’ plans for managing the country?

40. Which organization was headed by Felix Dzerzhinsky?

41. How many times did the Constituent Assembly meet?

42. The Red Terror was a response to which event?

In March 1918, the Russian capital was moved to

44. In the Russian Civil War, who were the Bolsheviks’ opponents?

45. Which representative body replaced the Constituent Assembly?

46. The Kornilov affair can best be summed up as

47. All of the following were groups involved in the Russian Civil War except

48. When did the Russian Civil War begin?

49. The Cheka was a forerunner of the

50. The USSR finally collapsed in

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