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What is the relationship between Etienne and Marie-Laure?

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What color is Werner’s hair?

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In what month is Saint-Malo bombed?

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In what city is Marie-Laure born?

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What is the name of Werner’s sister?

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What causes Marie-Laure to go blind?

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What book does Marie-Laure receive from her father on her eleventh birthday?

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How do Marie-Laure and her father initially try to flee from Paris, and how do they actually end up escaping?

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What type of gemstone is the Sea of Flames?

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What is Etienne unable to do due to his past trauma?

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Which of the following is true of Werner’s friend Frederick?

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When is Marie-Laure’s father summoned back to Paris?

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When does Madame Manec first take Marie-Laure to the ocean?

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Which unsuspicious group does Madame Manec tap into in order to organize small acts of resistance?

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What does Major von Rumpel suffer from?

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What happens to Frederick at school?

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How does Madame Manec die?

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Who gives von Rumpel the location where Leblanc lived in Saint-Malo?

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What is Marie-Laure purchasing the first time that Werner catches sight of her?

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Where does Marie-Laure eventually deposit the Sea of Flames?

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How does Werner die?

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What subject does Werner’s sister end up teaching?

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What is the name of Werner’s sister’s son?

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What does Marie-Laure’s research eventually specialize in?

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What is the nationality of the man who fathers Marie-Laure’s child?