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1. Why did Angela and Malachy McCourt marry in New York?

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2. Why does Angela’s family initially view Frank’s father with suspicion?

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3. When Malachy comes home drunk, what does he tell his sons they must do?

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4. Why is Nora Molloy’s husband, Peter, famous in Limerick?

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5. What image strikes Frank when he finds his father in the pub on the day of Eugene’s funeral?

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6. How many families use the public lavatory outside the McCourts’ home in Roden Lane?

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7. Why does Frank’s Grandma fret that she has “God in me backyard”?

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8. In what way is Grandma’s lodger Bill Galvin unusual?

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9. Why does Angela think Frank is rejected from becoming an altar boy?

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10. What elements of his stay in the hospital does Frank enjoy?

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11. Why does Angela think that the women in her street have a “low-class” mentality?

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12. After which country do the McCourts nickname their second floor?

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13. Why does Frank find it difficult to condemn his father for his drinking?

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14. Why does Mr. Hannon have to retire from his job delivering coal?

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15. How does Frank spend his fourteenth birthday?

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16. What is Frank’s father’s first and only Christmas present to his family?

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17. Why are the McCourts evicted from their home in Roden Lane?

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18. Why does the protagonist leave Laman Griffin’s house to stay with Ab Sheehan?

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19. Why does Frank not take the post office exam?

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20. Why does Mr. McCaffrey tell Frank that he can only go up in life?

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21. What does a priest tell Frank after the protagonist confesses to hitting his mother and damning Theresa Carmody to hell?

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22. What is printed on the page that Frank is ordered to tear from all copies of the magazine John O’ London’s Weekly?

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23. What does Frank do with Mrs. Finucane’s ledger of debts after his employer dies?

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24. What does Frank observe on his last night in Limerick?

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25. To what does Frank compare his arrival in New York?