1. What town is near the Burdens' farm?

2. How does Ántonia's father die?

3. With whom does Jim live for most of the novel?

4. What nationality are the Shimerdas?

5. What does Otto decide to do when the Burdens move into town?

6. Where does Jim attend college?

7. When does the blizzard occur?

8. Which character moves to San Fransisco?

9. To whom does Ántonia first become engaged?

10. Where does Ántonia work after leaving the Harlings?

11. To whom does Jim dedicate his commencement oration?

12. Who subdues the snake?

13. How does Pavel injure himself?

14. What does Lena do in Black Hawk?

15. Who plays the piano at the Boys' Home dance?

16. Who begins the dancing in Black Hawk?

17. With which of the following men does Jim fight?

18. Who becomes Jim's tutor in Lincoln?

19. What play do Jim and Lena see together?

20. When was My Ántonia orginally published?

21. Where did Willa Cather live before moving to Nebraska?

22. What is Jim's profession when he writes the memoir?

23. How many years pass between the last two books of the novel?

24. Who abandons Ántonia before their wedding?

25. From whom does Jim seek information about Ántonia when he visits Black Hawk before starting law school?