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Where is Martin Arrowsmith when the novel opens?

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What is Doc Vickerson's greatest fault?

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Where does Arrowsmith attend medical school

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To whom does Martin propose marriage?

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Where do Martin and Leora move to immediately after Martin's internship at the hospital?

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Who is Max Gottlieb?

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Who is Martin's rival in Medical school?

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What do they call the dean of Winnemac?

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Who lends Martin money when he needs it during his time away from medical school?

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How does Martin decide between the two women to whom he is engaged while in medical school?

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Who is Orchid?

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Where does Martin do his medical internship?

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What is Leora's reaction to Gottlieb, when she meets him in the street?

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Who is Miriam?

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What happens on Martin's house call to Mary Novak's house?

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Who is Martin's boss in Nautilus?

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Who invites Martin to join the Rouncefield Clinic?

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What does Martin do at the Rouncefield Clinic?

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What is Martin's initial impression of Terry Wickett at the McGurk institute?

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What does Martin initially call his discovery at the McGurk Institute?

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Who is Joyce Landon?

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Where is Martin sent to test/use the phage he has been working on in the laboratory?

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What happens to Leora in St. Hubert?

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Who of the following accompanies Martin to St. Hubert?

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Where does Martin go to at the end of the novel?