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Where do General Sternwood and Marlowe conduct their first meeting?

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In what kind of business was General Sternwood formerly involved?

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Who kills Owen Taylor?

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What kind of business does Geiger run?

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What seemingly unrelated piece of information does General Sternwood ring up that arouses Marlowe's curiosity?

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Why does Carmen Sternwood initially have so little to say about Geiger's murder?

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Why does Owen Taylor murder Geiger?

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Who does Marlowe tell he is being followed by a gray Plymouth?

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What does Marlowe call Mona?

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With what does Marlowe load Carmen's gun?

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Why does Eddie Mars claim he has the keys to Geiger's house when he discovers Carmen and Marlowe inside?

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Why does the name Joe Brody ring a bell to Marlowe when it comes up in his investigation?

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Who is Agnes Lozelle?

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What is wrong with Carmen Sternwood?

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Where is Rusty Regan?

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What is Vivian doing at Eddie Mars's Cypress Club on the day Marlowe pays Mars a visit?

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Who is in the gray Plymouth Sedan that is following Marlowe?

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How does Harry Jones die?

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How much does Norris know of what goes on in the Sternwood mansion?

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Whom does Marlowe find in his bed one evening?

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What is Carmen Sternwood's most visible bad habit?

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What is the name of Eddie Mars's gunman?

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Why does Carmen scream in Geiger's house?

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What piece of art does Marlowe notice in the Sternwood's mansion?

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Who is the last person Marlowe thinks of before the book ends?