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Bradley Pearson quits his job as ___ when the novel begins

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Bradley Pearson is how old during his novel?

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Which character is a very famous popular writer?

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How is Francis Marloe acquainted with Bradley Pearson?

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What Shakespeare play is Julian Baffin studying?

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What opera do Julian and Bradley go to?

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Who is Bradley Pearson's sister?

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What present does Bradley Pearson buy Julian Baffin?

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Where do Bradley and Julian go when they run away?

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What is Francis Marloe's former profession?

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What did Bradley Pearson's parents do for a living?

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What does Priscilla lament leaving at her husband's house?

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Who is Priscilla's husband?

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What is the name of Priscilla's husband's mistress?

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Where has Christian been living before the story begins?

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How many books has Bradley Pearson written?

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Which characters die during the course of the novel?

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Which of the following characters do not have amorous feelings for Bradley?

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Why did Bradley resign from his job?

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What is Julian studying to be?

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What act does Priscilla deeply regret?

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Who kills Arnold Baffin?

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What notable architectural building does Bradley live near?

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Where is Bradley Pearson when he writes his novel?

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Why does Rachel want revenge upon Bradley?