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Which of the following is a distinguishing characteristic of Pauline Breedlove?

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Why does Pecola stay briefly with the MacTeers?

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Who lives above the Breedloves’ apartment?

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Where does Mrs. Breedlove work?

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What important event occurs when Pecola is staying with the MacTeers?

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Who hates white baby dolls?

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Who raises Cholly?

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Which of the following characters is still alive when the story ends?

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What flowers do Claudia and Frieda plant to save Pecola’s baby?

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Where does most of the action in the novel take place?

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Which of the following does not happen to Pecola after her father rapes her?

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In what way is Pecola’s wish for blue eyes fulfilled at the end of the story?

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What happens when Cholly finds his father?

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What happens after Aunt Jimmy’s funeral?

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Who takes refuge in the movies?

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What happens to Sammy at the end of the story?

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Whose cat is Pecola blamed for killing?

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What is Pauline doing when she meets Cholly?

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Who temporarily befriends Pecola after Pecola is teased by a group of boys?

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Why does Henry Washington send Claudia and Frieda out for ice cream?

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What kind of pets does Junior have?

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What is peculiar about Maureen Peal’s hands?

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Why does Mrs. Breedlove have a limp?

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What was the Breedloves’ apartment formerly used as?

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What is Soaphead Church’s occupation?