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The Bonesetter’s Daughter

Amy Tan
Writing Help

Suggested Essay Topics

Writing Help Suggested Essay Topics

1. What is the significance of Ruth finally learning Precious Auntie’s real name?

2. The novel features three generations of women raised by single parents. What traits do the children of single parents display in The Bonesetter’s Daughter, and why are these traits significant?

3. How does the idea that Ruth is able to communicate with the spirit of Precious Auntie affect the power dynamic in her relationship with LuLing?

4. How does the relationship between Ruth and Art change over the course of the novel?

5. Are Ruth and Art justified in using deception to get LuLing to move into the assisted living facility?

6. How are the non-Chinese characters in the novel contrasted with the Chinese and Chinese-American characters?

7. Why are LuLing and Mr. Tang able to have a happy relationship together?