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How did Precious Auntie acquire her scars?

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What happens to Ruth every year around her anniversary?

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What is the name of Ruth’s best friend?

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Where does Ruth meet Art?

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What was Edwin Young’s profession when he died?

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How does Ruth break her arm as a child?

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What piece of jewelry does LuLing treasure as a gift from her daughter?

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As a young girl, what does Ruth mistakenly end up believing about Lance?

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How does LuLing attempt to kill herself when Ruth is a teenager?

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What nickname does Precious Auntie use for LuLing as a child?

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What is the traditional occupation of the Liu family?

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How does Baby Uncle die?

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What conflict between LuLing and Precious Auntie leads to Precious Auntie’s suicide?

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Who is GaoLing’s first husband?

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How does Kai Jing die?

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When does LuLing move to Hong Kong?

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What is the name of the village where LuLing grew up?

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What is the name of the assisted living home that LuLing moves into?

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Who is Ruth named after?

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What is the name of the man who translates LuLing’s life story for Ruth?

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How many children does Art have?

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What unexpected change occurs after LuLing moves into the assisted living home?

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What is the family name of LuLing’s mother?

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How does Art and Ruth’s relationship change by the end of the novel?

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Who finally confirms Precious Auntie’s name for Ruth?