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What is the verdict at Dmitri’s trial?

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Which of the Karamazov brothers does Miusov help to raise?

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Which character is the son of Stinking Lizaveta?

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Why does Dmitri leave Katerina?

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To whom does Alyosha become engaged?

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What does Fyodor Pavlovich offer Grushenka if she chooses him over Dmitri?

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Who tells Dmitri about Grushenka’s secret knock?

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What does Kolya claim as his political affiliation?

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Who brings Zuchka to Ilyusha’s bedside?

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How does Christ respond to the Grand Inquisitor’s list of accusations?

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What is the subject of Dmitri’s hallucination?

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Which elder is Alyosha’s teacher?

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What single injustice troubles Ivan most?

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Who raises Smerdyakov?

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Who introduces Alyosha to Grushenka?

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Who exhibits the letter at Dmitri’s trial?

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Who slams her own hand in the door?

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What do the schoolboys chant after Alyosha’s speech at the funeral?

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When and where does the Grand Inquisitor story take place?

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Which of the following was an actual experience of Dostoevsky that influenced the writing of The Brothers Karamazov?

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Who brings Grushenka to the town?

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Who asks Alyosha to leave the monastery?

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What does Madame Khokhlakov suggest when Dmitri asks her for a loan?

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What is the subject of Ivan’s controversial essay?

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Who kills Fyodor Pavlovich?