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Who is the last captain of the D.M.S. Caine?

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What is the name of the ship to which Edwin Keggs is assigned?

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The Caine is caught in a typhoon on the way to support what major offensive?

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How many demerits is Willie Keith assigned for his various offenses during midshipmen's school?

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What is the name of the novel that Tom Keefer works on?

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What is May Wynn's real name?

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What measures does Captain Queeg take to find the strawberry thief?

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What accident causes the damage that leads to the Caine's decommissioning?

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Who is the lawyer who finally agrees to defend the Caine Mutineers?

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Which of the following is not a punishment used by Queeg?

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Where does Willie take May Wynn when she greets the ship upon its arrival in San Francisco?

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What kind of store do May's parents own in the Bronx?

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For what offense is Stilwell court-martialed?

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What are the contents of the crate that Queeg has Willie transport to shore for him?

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What does Willie realize in his near-death experience?

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What is the name of the former Furnald Hall instructor that Willie runs into on the Pluto?

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Where does the Yellowstain Incident occur?

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Where is the Keith family home located?

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Why does Stilwell want to go on leave so badly?

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How does Roland Keefer die?

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How many minesweeping missions does the Caine take part in during World War II?

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Who obtains the gallon of strawberries that causes so much trouble aboard the Caine?

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Why is Ducely transferred?

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With what is Maryk officially charged in the court martial?

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What do the crew of the Caine give to De Vriess as a parting gift?