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Cannery Row is a part of what city?

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Which of the following unusual structures does not serve as a home for a character in the book?

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Doc's Western Biological Laboratory is:

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Lee Chong's grocery is successful because:

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On his trip to La Jolla, Doc finally tries something he's been wanting to try for a long time, which is:

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Eddie has had many jobs, including the position of:

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What does Frankie try to steal as a gift for Doc?

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Which of the following is the town brothel?

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What disaster hits the town at the busiest time of year for the brothel?

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Who gives the two parties for Doc?

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Which of the following characters does NOT commit suicide?

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The Captain's wife is gone because she has a successful career as:

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Why do Mack and the boys go up to Carmel Valley?

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Mrs. Malloy gets upset when her husband will not allow her to get which of the following for their boiler home?

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Which of "the boys" has a wife?