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What is Stormgren's job?

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Who is Wainright?

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What city does Karellen's ship hover over?

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Who kidnaps Stormgren?

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How long are the Overlords on Earth before they reveal their physical appearance?

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Which Overlord attends a party thrown by Rupert Boyce?

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At the séance, who is the "channel" that provides the location of the Overlords' sun?

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What is Rashaverak's area of interest?

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Which is the Overlords' sun?

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What is Dr. Sullivan's profession?

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Who is Thanthalteresco?

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What happens to New Athens?

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Whom do the Overlords serve?

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What is the first mental power Jennifer Greggson exibits?

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In what approximate time period does part II of the book ("The Golden Age") take place?

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In what does Jan Rodricks hide in order to stow away on an Overlord ship?

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What is George Greggson's occupation in New Athens?

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How does Karellen force South Africa to end discrimination?

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Which Overlord befriends Jan Rodricks on the Overlord homeworld?

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Who is the first person or people to see Karellen?

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Who is the first child to begin transforming into something other than human?

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What does Rupert Boyce use in his séance to answer questions?

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Who is Jan Rodricks's brother-in-law?

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What can the Overlords never do?

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How many years pass between the time Jan Rodrick leaves and the time he returns?