Brother Leon is ever bit as evil as Archie, and he is somewhat of a prototype for an adult Archie. He is just as manipulative and just as unconcerned with the consequences of his actions. Like Archie, he out for number one, which is part of the reason he goes to Archie to ask for The Vigils support in the sale. Archie uses Brother Leon for power and protection, but Brother Leon uses Archie too for exactly the same reasons. He knows that with The Vigils behind the sale, he will be protected from the fact that he illegally spent school money. He also knows that with The Vigils acting on his behalf, his power over the students and the sale is greater. It seems as if Brother Leon actually enjoys watching Archie traumatize and control the students. Similarly, Brother Leon taunts and controls the teachers and administrators, as well as the students. Brother Leon grows angry with Jerry, even though he knows that Jerry's refusal was initially due to Archie's assignment. Archie bits Leon against Jerry, thus clearing the way for Archie to punish Jerry however he wants with Leon's blessing. Leon exhibits many of the psychopathic tendencies that Archie does but uses them not just to arbitrarily punish people, but also to advance himself and his control over the school.