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Who is the president of The Vigils?

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Who is the leader of The Vigils?

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How does Janza become involved with The Vigils?

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Why is Obie against Archie selecting Jerry for an assignment?

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What happens to Brother Eugene after his classroom falls apart?

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Jerry's father does what for a living?

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What position does Jerry try out for on the football team?

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Who is Jerry's only ally throughout the book?

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Why is Brother Leon so intent on selling the chocolates?

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How does Brother Leon find out that Archie is behind Jerry's refusal to sell chocolates?

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Why is Archie's position as leader of The Vigils threatened by the sale?

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How does the poster in Jerry's locker relate to the chocolate sale?

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Why doesn't Jerry tell his father about The Vigils?

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Why does Archie agree to help Brother Leon with the chocolate sale?

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Which one of these was NOT a reason for schools and administrators banning The Chocolate War?

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Why do The Vigils begin calling Jerry and hanging up?

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Why is Archie regarded as so cruel?

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Which of the following was NOT a reason Archie tipped Brother Leon off about the assembly?

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After the ten days are up, why does Jerry continue refusing the chocolates?

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Why doesn't Brother Leon do anything about the fact that boys are getting credit for chocolates they have not sold?

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Why do all the students show up and participate in the assembly?

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Why does Obie pull out the black box at the assembly?

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How does Archie feel about having to draw marbles at the assembly?

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How does Archie talk Jerry into participating in the boxing match?

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Why doesn't anyone stop the fight when it gets out of hand?