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What is Shukhov’s crime in the opening moments of the novel?

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Who is the foreman of Gang 104 ?

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Of which food is the prisoner’s ration two hundred grams per meal?

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What does Shukhov always keeps in his boot?

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Of what is Ust-Izhma the name?

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What was the sixteen-year-old Gopchik’s crime?

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What does Kolya, the medical orderly in the camp, fancy himself?

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How often does Shukhov think about his wife and daughters?

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What is one of Tsezar’s privileges?

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What is Shukhov’s job at the Power Station?

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Why was Shukhov late returning from the Power Station?

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For which of the following characters does Shukhov offer to wait in the parcel room line?

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At the Power Station, what does Shukhov hide in his mitten?

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What decree does a commander issue following the murders of a couple of stool pigeons?

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Why is Tsezar scared during the evening search by the guards?

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What do Shukhov and Alyoshka discuss in the novel’s closing conversation?

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Why does Fetyukov get beaten up?

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Why is Tyurin in the prison camp?

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What religion is Alyoshka?

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To whom does Shukhov give a biscuit at the very end of the novel?

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Why does Shukhov not envy Tsezar for receiving parcels?

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Who receives a punishment of ten days in the hole at the end of the novel?

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What nationality is Kildigs?

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Of what has the Soviet government accused Shukhov?

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How long is Shukhov’s sentence?