It’s clear why David is so proud of his adult daughter, Lucy. In so many ways, Lucy is all that David is not. She is self-aware, compassionate, open to change, and primarily concerned with being a good person. Through her way of living and willingness to stand up to David, she teaches her father so much: That animals deserve compassion, that women shouldn’t be treated as sexual objects, that David’s actions have hurt women, and that the time for peace and racial justice has come for South Africa. Lucy represents courage, strength, independence, and a determination to break free from the past and move forward. Although Lucy is devastated by her rape, her determination to remain on the farm, and not retreat like David did after his scandal broke at the University, shows a strength and resolve that David lacks. Her decision not to have an abortion, and instead keep and love the child conceived from her rape, also shows her determination to create a brighter future for her country.