Much of what readers learn about Melanie Isaacs comes from David’s observations, but as her actions reveal, Melanie is much more than David’s perceptions of her. David sees Melanie primarily as young and beautiful, a means for him to fulfil his sexual needs and maintain a lifeline to his younger, more vital self. David also believes Melanie to be only a mediocre student. During David and Melanie’s sexual affair, readers might also be tempted to see Melanie as weak for acquiescing to David’s pressure. It’s critical, however, to remember that Melanie is only twenty years old and a student in David’s class. Still, Melanie finds the courage to file a complaint with the Vice-Rector, a courage that becomes more apparent when Lucy reveals how difficult it is to talk about and report her rape. Melanie also demonstrates strength when she returns to the University after the scandal and shows she has great talent and likely a promising future during her performance in Sunset at the Globe Salon.