As an android who has escaped a life of slavery on Mars, Pris Stratton finds herself hunted by Rick Deckard and the bounty hunters of Earth’s police forces. Her situation on Earth motivates her to find companionship in the form of John Isidore. She appears straightforward and honest with Isidore, who wants true companionship, but Pris uses this impulse to her advantage. Her behavior toward him is sometimes seductive and sometimes harsh as she manipulates the weak-minded Isidore. Pris’s treatment of Isidore shows that she regards him as a means for her survival and little else. This cold and calculating behavior is characteristic of androids. However, Pris also finds comfort in Isidore’s naïve companionship, complicating the assumption that androids are always cold and unfeeling. Though Pris stands up for Isidore when Baty wants to dispose of him, she goes on to torture a living spider, indicating her show of loyalty may not be the result of true empathy. Thus, Pris is a complex being as both a victim of and a perpetrator of violence and harm.