Rachael Rosen’s cool sharp intellect and feminine allure allow her to deceive Rick Deckard and other bounty hunters in the Rosen Association’s clever game. Rachael is loyal, but ultimately a tool of her “uncle” Eldon in rendering android bounty hunters useless. She is bold and self-assured but possesses the same emotional flatness as the other androids. However, in her night at the hotel with Deckard, some cracks show in the veneer. Rachael appears to have some kind of feelings of her own. It’s a strange twist, but it allows Rick Deckard to make love to her. By the end of the story, Rachael Rosen has changed slightly through her relationship with Deckard, but maintains a cynical attitude toward her job seducing bounty hunters.

Thematically, Rachael Rosen plays a key role in Rick Deckard’s attempt to grapple with the true nature of empathy. Her job seducing bounty hunters hinges upon her ability to invoke empathy in them, though she feels little herself. In this way, she plays a similar role as do electric animals on the dying world. Both Rachel and the animals are “fake” beings that still manage to invoke a very real sense of empathy in humans. This suggests a much more complex dynamic than Rick’s Voigt-Kampff test implies and causes confusion among the bounty hunters. Thus, Rachael Rosen fulfills a purpose, albeit a somewhat nefarious one. Despite her cynicism and manipulativeness, Rachael is fighting in her own way for the freedom of other androids by invoking empathy in humans.