1. What does Oskar’s dad give Oskar during their last Reconnaissance Expedition?

2. What is the first word Thomas loses?

3. What does Oskar find on the top shelf of his dad’s closet?

4. What is Oskar hiding in his closet?

5. Where is Grandma when she writes her letter to Oskar?

6. What does Thomas make a sculpture of when Grandma models for him?

7. What does Oskar’s dad say could change the course of human history?

8. What does Abby Black have a photo of in her kitchen?

9. What categories do Thomas and Grandma divide their apartment into?

10. When Thomas looks at Grandma’s life story manuscript, what does he see?

11. What role does Oskar play in his school production of Hamlet?

12. What was Mr. Black’s last war?

13. After their argument, what does Oskar want his mom to find?

14. What does Thomas photograph in the apartment he and Grandma buy after their marriage?

15. What does Grandma do after Thomas leaves the second time?

16. How does Oskar say he’s going to be a better person?

17. What does Anna tell Thomas the last time she sees him?

18. What is the first thing the zookeeper tells Thomas to shoot?

19. What part of Manhattan used to be part of the Sixth Borough?

20. What is the first thing the renter tells Oskar?

21. What did Ruth Black’s husband use to keep in contact with her while on the road?

22. Where does Grandma let Thomas watch Oskar from?

23. How does Abby Black know Oskar is coming?

24. What did Grandma want to tell Anna the night before Anna died?

25. What do Thomas and Oskar bury in Oskar’s dad’s grave?