Summary: Chapter 8

Grandma and Thomas move into a new apartment after they marry. They need a space large enough to keep distance between them. Thomas buys the most expensive home insurance policy and photographs the apartment in painstaking detail, particularly the doorknobs. Thomas doesn’t take pictures of Grandma. They don’t buy life insurance.

Theirs is a marriage of compromises. They find purpose in helping each other, even if the other doesn’t actually need help. 

During her first Halloween, a child dressed as a ghost comes to the door. Terrified, Grandma gives the ghost money to go away. 

When she writes her life story, Grandma hits the space bar over and over. She tells Thomas her eyes aren’t good so that he’ll pay attention to her. They only have sex in the “nothing” spaces without looking at each other. 

Grandma thinks about the ghost and longs for a child. She decides she can compromise her own life but not the next generation. 

When Grandma realizes she’s pregnant, she writes it in one of Thomas’s journals. He promises everything will be okay. Grandma tells him not to lie. She cries in front of him for the first time. She asks if they’re something or nothing. He covers her face with his hands. She doesn’t know what that means.