Titus’s father is the opposite of Violet’s. He is emotionally detached, apathetic, and willfully ignorant, all attributes that he passes on to Titus. When he visits Titus during his hospital stay on the moon, he visits only quickly and spends most of his time there chatting through his feed. Later, he and Titus’s mother do not tell Titus that the hacker was killed, or that the hacker was trying to inform people that the Earth was dying. They also don’t discuss any potential emotional effects with Titus after the hack, but instead buy him a new upcar to make him feel better. Titus’s father is also frequently away from home, traveling for work, including a corporate team-building event where he helps kill a whale. He condescends and mansplains to Violet when she reveals her intelligence or shows concern about the environment. When Violet is upset that a forest she wants to visit has been replaced with an air factory, for example, Titus’s father tells her that trees are inefficient relative to factories and that real estate is worth more than forests.