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Where did Doc Hata and Mary Burns meet?

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Why did Lincoln Evans stab Jimmy Gizzi?

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What kind of surgeon did Doc Hata once dream of becoming?

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What signal did Captain Ono use to indicate he would come for K?

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What does not describe Doc Hata’s birth parents?

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What instrument did Sunny once to play?

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How did Doc Hata’s old friend Lieutenant Enchi die?

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Why does Renny seize up in the Bedley Pool?

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Who saved Doc Hata from the fire in his house?

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Why does James Hickey dislike Doc Hata?

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When Doc Hata went to Jimmy Gizzi’s house, where did he find his daughter?

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How did K kill Captain Ono?

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What makes Doc Hata’s pool special?

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What kind of object did Corporal Endo obsessively collect and trade?

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Why did Doc Hata initially feel disappointed when he first met his adopted daughter, Sunny?

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How did K end up as a comfort woman?

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Why did Sunny not like living with Doc Hata?

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What does Doc Hata do in the middle of the night when he’s at the hospital?

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Who sent Doc Hata an unsigned card after he got out of the hospital?

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Why was Corporal Endo executed?

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What news do Liv and Renny bring when they meet Doc Hata at the beach?

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When Doc Hata takes Tommy to the natural history museum, what type of animal does Tommy say he wants to be?

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What kind of transplant does Patrick Hickey need?

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Where was Doc Hata stationed before he was deployed to Burma?

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What initially attracted Doc Hata to Bedley Run?