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When Alexandra hosts a gathering of the ladies in Maycomb to celebrate Jean Louise’s visit, what is this gathering called?

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When Jean Louise visits her childhood home, what type of business is now in the building?

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What is the hymn called that the Methodist congregation sings every week at collection time?

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Where is the nearest train station to Maycomb, Alabama?

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How did Jean Louise’s brother, Jem, die?

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Where does Jean Louise sit when she sneaks into the courthouse to watch the meeting of the Maycomb County Citizens’ Council?

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Who is Zeebo?

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What does Jean Louise lose at the Commencement Dance?

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Why doesn’t Alexandra live with her husband?

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What is the title of the racist pamphlet that Jean Louise finds in Atticus’s house?

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When Jean Louise is in sixth grade, why does she think that she’s pregnant?

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What is “missionary vanilla”?

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What do Jean Louise and Henry do at Finch’s Landing that scandalizes the town?

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When Jean Louise climbs the water tower to get ready to jump off, who rescues her?

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What is Atticus’s main physical ailment that has developed over the past few years?

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What is Uncle Jack’s primary activity, now that he is retired from being a doctor?

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Where does the phrase “Go set a watchman” come from?

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What is Jean Louise’s childhood nickname?

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Who does Jean Louise expect is going to pick her up from the train station when she arrives from New York City?

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What type of town event do Jean Louise, Jem, and Dill re-enact by Miss Rachel’s fishpool?

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Who is Miss Rachel?

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In Go Set a Watchman, what does Jean Louise say the outcome of the trial of the one-armed black man was?

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Why does Atticus want to take Zeebo’s son’s court case?

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How can Jean Louise tell that Calpurnia is using company manners?

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What sport did Jem play in high school?