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Who gave Brian the hatchet?

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How did the pilot of the plane die?

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What was "the secret" to which Brian's thoughts often wander?

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What happened during Brian's car ride with his mother from the city to meet the plane?

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What was Brian's father's job?

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What was the purpose of Brian's trip to the Canadian woods?

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How did Brian's father feel about the divorce?

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What led to Brian's eventual rescue?

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Why does Brian suddenly realize that he may be out there in the woods for longer than he had anticipated?

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When Brian has to fly the plane himself after the pilot's heart attack, what prior experience helps him?

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What were Brian's thoughts on the plane ride?

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Where did Brain decide was the best place to land the plane?

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What did Brian see on a bike ride with his friend Terry?

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What is the first food that Brian finds in the woods?

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Where did Brian see a bear?

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What kind of animal hurt Brian?

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Who appeared in Brian's dream to show him how to make a fire?

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What kind of eggs does Brian find to eat?

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What tool did Brian have to reinvent?

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After a plane flies overhead and does not spot him, by which method does Brian try to kill himself?

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Why does Brian take four baths a day at a certain point?

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What was sticking out of the water after the big storm?

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How did Brian get out to the plane in the middle of the lake?

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What happened when Brian was trying to cut into the side of the plane?

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How did Brian feel about the rifle he finds in the survival pack?