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How is Stapleton related to Sir Henry Baskerville?

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Why does Stapleton pretend his wife is his sister?

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Why does Sir Henry loose two boots in London?

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Who established the Baskerville curse?

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Who took advantage of the Baskerville curse?

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What substance does Stapleton use to make his hound look scary?

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What role does the escaped convict play in Stapleton's scheme?

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What happens to Henry at the end of the story?

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How did Sir Charles die?

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With whom does Stapleton share an eerie resemblance?

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Why does the hound kill the escaped convict?

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Why does Laura Lyons refuse to tell anyone why she missed her late-night appointment with Sir Charles?

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Who let the dogs out?

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Why wasn't Mrs. Stapleton at dinner on the night Sir Henry was attacked?

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Where does Holmes send Cartwright in search of the cut up newspaper?

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When is the only time in the book that Holmes is proven wrong?

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Who is Frankland?

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Why is Mrs. Barrymore crying?

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Why do the Barrymores really want to leave Baskerville Hall?