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What flowers do Angelica and Virginia put around the grave of the dead bird?

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What subject does Louis teach?

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What method does Laura think about using to commit suicide?

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What season of the year did Louis, Clarissa, and Richard spend in Wellfleet?

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What color is the bowl that Laura Brown uses to sift flour for her cake?

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What kind of a movie with a gay hero does Oliver St. Ives want to make?

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What does Clarissa think Julia would never wear?

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Who or what passes over the bridge right after Virginia kills herself?

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What does the woman who owns Clarissa’s favorite flower shop want to be?

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What is Richard wearing when he dies?

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What did Virginia drink instead of eating breakfast?

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What is the name of the prize that Richard is to be awarded?

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Where does Laura leave Richie when she goes to check into the hotel?

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Which of these movie stars was NOT one of Clarissa’s guesses as to who was in the trailer in front of the flower shop?

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What pet did Kitty ask Laura to feed while she was in the hospital?

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Where did Louis and Richard break up?

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What household object did Clarissa buy for Richard that he never uses?

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What shade of blue is the hotel room that Laura goes to?

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Who is the handsomest of the three Bell children?

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What does Julia return to Clarissa’s house in order to retrieve?

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How does Dan wreck his birthday cake?

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What does Walter Hardy do for a living?

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How does Laura get to the hotel room?

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What does Vanessa want to buy for Angelica for her birthday?

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After Richard dies, what wounded part of him does Clarissa look at?