Blanca is very close to her mother and very distant from her father. She is raised by Clara and Ferula together and quickly devises illnesses that get her returned home when she is sent away to school. Unlike her mother, Blanca is quite practical. After her divorce from Jean de Satigny, and even more so after Clara's death, Blanca runs the big house on the corner. Like both of her parents, Blanca is incredibly stubborn. Even while she runs his house, she never asks for a cent from her father, instead supporting herself through her ceramics.

Blanca's character is defined primarily by her love for Pedro Tercero. However, she is not simply attached to him. In fact, for most of the novel she is separated from Pedro Tercero as much by her own choice as by outside circumstance. It is precisely the idea of her love for Pedro Tercero that defines Blanca more than any actual relationship the two may have.