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How is Esteban Garcia associated with Esteban Trueba?

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What kills Rosa?

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What kind of Plague strikes Tres Marias?

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What color is Clara's bed?

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Where do Blanca and Pedro Tercero hold their secret meetings in Tres Marias?

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What is Jaime's profession?

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Where is Isabel Allende from?

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Who are overthrown by the military coup?

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What is Clara's main tool of communication with the spirits?

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In what language was The House of the Spirits first written?

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Where do Miguel and Alba stage their first occupation?

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Whom does Blanca marry?

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What are Clara's favorite flowers?

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What does Blanca do when she discovers Jean de Satigny's secret room?

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What does Clara do when Esteban hits her?

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How old is Alba when Miguel first sees her?

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Where does Transito Soto work?

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Why does Esteban throw Ferula out of his house?

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Who rids Tres Marias of the Plague?

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What does Miguel do when he learns of the military coup?

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In what year was The House of the Spirits published?

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Who is Barrabas?

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How many fingers doe Esteban Trueba cut off Pedro Tercero's hand?

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To what literary tradition does The House of the Spirits belong?

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To which party does Severo del Valle belong?