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Who strikes the blow that plunges Athelstane into his coma?

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How many pieces of silver does Front-de-Boeuf demand from Isaac?

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Who heals Ivanhoe after the tournament?

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What is Ivanhoe's first disguise in the novel?

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Whom does Ivanhoe marry at the end of the novel?

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Whom does Cedric toast to insult Prince John?

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Where is Richard thought to be imprisoned?

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Why does Cedric disinherit Ivanhoe?

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What does Wamba threaten Isaac with at the tournament?

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Who sets fire to Torquilstone?

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Who kidnaps the Saxons?

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Who wins the tournament at Ashby?

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Whom does Cedric hope Rowena will marry?

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Who is the Disinherited Knight?

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Who misleads de Bois-Guilbert and Prior Aymer as they search for Cedric's manor?

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Who kills Cedric?

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How many castles are besieged before the novel is over?

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What is the text of the missive John receives at the tournament?

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Who gives Ivanhoe the details of the battle at Torquilstone?

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Who is the Black Knight?