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At the beginning of the novel when Ivan's colleagues learn of his death, why is their reaction so remarkable?

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At the funeral service, which character tries to set up a game of bridge?

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Who is Ivan's closest friend?

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At the funeral, what is the real reason Praskovya wants to speak to Peter privately?

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At the funeral, Peter feels especially uneasy when he:

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What type of person is Ivan attracted to?

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Married life is pleasant for Ivan until what event occurs?

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In his official work, Ivan tries to maintain what tone?

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Why does Ivan take a leave of absence from work and move with his family to the country?

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Why does Ivan receive a new appointment with a higher paying salary?

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What event precipitates Ivan's illness?

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What is Ivan's greatest pleasure?

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Which of the following characterizes the doctors' attitude toward Ivan?

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How does Ivan learn of the extent of his physical degeneration?

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How does Ivan deal with unpleasant situations or relationships?

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Who is Gerasim?

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What does Gerasim do that eases Ivan's physical pain?

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What bothers Ivan more than the physical pain?

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Who is the only person that does not lie about the nature of Ivan's condition?

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One night, Praskovya, Lisa, and Lisa's fiancé decide to go where?

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Ivan dreams of which object?

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When Ivan awakes from his dream, what does he hear?

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When Ivan thinks back on his life, what does he think is the best part?

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When Ivan passes into the bright light, what does he compare the experience to?

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When Ivan catches sight of the light, he realizes that his life has not been a good one. What else happens simultaneously?