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Which of the following trades does Johnny wish to pursue at the beginning of the novel?

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Why does Johnny bully Dove?

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Why does Mr. Lapham disapprove of Johnny’s arrogance?

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Why does Hancock commission Mr. Lapham to make a sugar basin for a tea set?

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Why doesn’t Johnny accept Paul Revere’s offer to buy the remaining time on his contract with Mr. Lapham?

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How does Johnny injure his hand?

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Johnny is related to which of the following wealthy Boston merchants?

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What does Rab think about Jonathan Lyte?

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How does Jonathan Lyte react when Johnny presents the silver cup as proof of their kinship?

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Who comes to Johnny’s aid after he is arrested on charges of stealing a silver cup from Jonathan Lyte?

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Whose testimony clears Johnny at his trial?

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What job does Dove take after ceasing to work as a silversmith?

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Why does Lavinia Lyte take Isannah to live with her?

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How does Lavinia weaken the bond between Isannah and Cilla?

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Why do the Observers begin leaving James Otis out of their meetings?

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Why do Johnny and Rab toss Dove overboard during the Boston Tea Party?

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How does England react to the Boston Tea Party?

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Which of the following best describes the relationship between the colonists and the British soldiers?

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Why does Pumpkin want to desert the British army?

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Which of the following best describes Johnny’s relationship with Lieutenant Stranger?

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Why did Johnny’s father use an assumed name in Boston?

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What happens to Rab in the battle at Lexington?

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When does the reality of armed conflict hit Johnny?

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Why does it take so long for the Lytes to acknowledge Johnny as kin?

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Who eventually repairs Johnny’s injured hand?