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Where does this novel take place?

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Why did Grant refuse to go to the trial?

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Why does Jefferson say he took the money from the cash register?

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What reason does Jefferson’s lawyer give for sparing Jefferson’s life?

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What is Miss Emma’s relation to Jefferson?

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What does Grant Wiggins teach?

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Where is Grant’s school located?

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What does Louis Rougon want to bet Henri Pichot when Grant visits the Pichot house for the second time?

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Why is Vivian reluctant to spend the night with Grant?

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Why does Miss Emma hit Jefferson during her visit to his cell?

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Why does Miss Emma want to meet with Jefferson in the dayroom?

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Why didn’t Vivian’s family like her husband?

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What event directly follows the superintendent’s visit?

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How does Grant gather enough money to buy Jefferson a radio?

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How do Tante Lou and Miss Emma get Grant to visit Jefferson alone?

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Sheriff Guidry warns Grant that he will lose his visiting privileges if which of the following happens?

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What do Grant’s students send Jefferson?

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At the Christmas program, Reverend Ambrose makes a subtle reference to which of the following?

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Why does Grant get in a fight with two mulatto men in a bar?

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Jefferson admits to Grant that he would like his last meal to be which of the following?

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How does Grant get Jefferson’s notebook?

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How does the chair arrive at the courthouse?

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What does the sheriff do the morning of Jefferson’s execution?

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Who shaves Jefferson before the execution?

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Who informs Grant that the execution is over?