1. What, according to Gabriel Oak, is Bathsheba Everdene's fault in the first chapter?

2. Why does Bathsheba take Gabriel Oak back after she fires him?

3. How does Gabriel Oak lose his farm?

4. How do Bathsheba Everdene and Sergeant Troy first meet?

5. What inspires Boldwood to fall in love with Bathsheba Everdene?

6. Who recognizes the disguised Sergeant Troy at the fair?

7. How is Boldwood punished for killing Sergeant Troy?

8. How does Bathsheba Everdene learn that Fanny Robin has had a baby?

9. How does Gabriel Oak end up working on Bathsheba Everdene's farm?

10. What happens to the flowers Sergeant Troy plants on Fanny Robin's grave?

11. What is strange about Gabriel Oak's watch?

12. How does Boldwood learn that Bathsheba Everdene has married Sergeant Troy?

13. Who helps Gabriel Oak to protect the ricks during the storm?

14. Where are the other laborers during the storm?

15. At the end of the book, the discovery of what information leads everyone to think that Boldwood is mentally unstable?

16. How does Bathsheba learn that Troy has had an earlier lover?

17. Who sees Fanny Robin on the night she runs away from the farm and gives her a shilling?

18. Why does Boldwood have a party at Christmas?

19. How does Gabriel Oak tell time when his watch is broken?

20. How does Bathsheba Everdene save Gabriel Oak's life at the beginning of the novel?

21. Who comes and helps Fanny Robin make it to Casterbridge?

22. What stops Fanny's funeral from happening on the day it is planned?

23. Who reports that Bathsheba and Sergeant Troy have been seen together in Bath?

24. How does Sergeant Troy convince Bathsheba to marry him?

25. How does Gabriel Oak try to hide from Bathsheba the fact that Fanny Robin has had a baby?

26. How does Boldwood know that Bathsheba Everdene is the one who has sent him the valentine?

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