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Martian eyes resemble:

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Which expedition to Mars is most successful?

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Captain York is the commander of which expedition?

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Yll apparently kills York with a gun that shoots what?

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When Martians begin to sing human songs, which of the following poets does Bradbury have a female singer spontaneously recite?

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Mr Xxx believes that Captain Williams' men are:

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Which of the following members of the third expedition is most skeptical of exploring the town?

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Which of the following men neither punch the teeth of nor receive a punch in the teeth from another member of the fourth expedition?

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Most Martians have died of what?

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When he is being hunted by the other men, Spender has a book of what?

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Which man is like Johnny Appleseed?

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The vehicle of Muhe Ca resembles:

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Gomez is on his way to:

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The "black leaves" that float through the air while the musicians play are:

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Mr Teece's help at the hardware store is:

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On their way to the rocket, what do the Black people do?

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The "Fall of the House of Usher" is a short story by whom?

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How does Stendahl kill Garrett?

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Which of the following shapes does "the Martian" not assume?

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Which of the following does not happen to Sam Parkhill?

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How does Walter Gripp find Genevieve?

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Why does Hathaway look at four graves and say that he is sorry?

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The poem "There Will Come Soft Rains" is about what?

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The "dad" in the final story was:

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When was the The Martian Chronicles first published?

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