Leonard is a mafia boss, though the book never directly refers to him as one and he never discusses his work in any kind of detail. He is an important man in Las Vegas, wears flashy clothes, and brings a spirit of celebration into the clinic. On two occasions—once to mark his winning a bet and another upon his release—Leonard orders a catered feast for all the men in the unit. Leonard has the power to declare a holiday and to dictate that certain events will be watched on television. He is also the person who successfully keeps James in the clinic after he tries to leave, essentially saving James’s life. Leonard has never married or had children, but he profoundly desires to do both. As he leaves the clinic, he “adopts” James as his son and pays for Lilly’s continued treatment. Though the staff fears that Leonard may be a corrupting influence on James, he is exactly the opposite. Leonard is a true father figure and the embodiment of honesty and faithfulness.