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What is the name of the girl whom James was in love with while he was in college?

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Where is the clinic located?

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What is the first item that Hank gives James?

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James’s friend Matty holds which title?

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What is Leonard’s gift to the unit on the eve of his departure?

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Lilly’s eyes are what color?

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Leonard is rumored to be a

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When Leonard leaves the clinic, he asks James to be his

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Initially, Lilly’s treatment is paid for by

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At the time the story takes place, James’s parents live in

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What is James’s first stop after leaving the clinic?

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John Everett, James’s roommate, has which of the following printed on his business card?

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The name of James’s favorite book at the clinic is

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James has which procedure(s) done at the dentist?

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James is how old when he checks into the clinic?

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James is wanted in each of the following states except  

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In which city does James assault a priest?

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James gets uncontrollably angry sometimes. He calls the anger he feels

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Which of James’s family members is an alcoholic?

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After arriving at the clinic, James gets in a physical fight over the cleaning of the toilets with

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The plane on which James is sitting at the beginning of the book is bound for

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James’s first job at the clinic is

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The method that James refuses to use to help him into sobriety is called

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James’s counselor is named

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Which instrument does Miles play?