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Which of the following social problems does Swift's proposal not address?

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Who, according to Swift, are the "principle Breeders of the Nations"?

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What will be the average price of a child, according to Swift's calculations?

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At what age does Swift suggest that children should be sold?

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Why does the author reject the idea of eating teenagers?

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What is the author's religious affiliation?

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Which of the following is not one of the alternative "expedients" the author rejects?

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Who does Swift suggest would be happy to "eat up our whole Nation," even without salt?

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What evidence does the author offer for the disinterestedness of his proposal?

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Of the children who will be allowed to survive, what will be the ratio of males to females?

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What does the author suggest can be made out of the skin of the butchered infants?

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Who will be the primary consumers of human flesh, according to the proposal?

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What is a "Papist"?

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Where will the meat of babies not be consumed?

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At what age can a child normally begin a career as a thief?

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