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Where was Moll Flanders born?

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Whose idea is it that little Moll should be "a gentlewoman"?

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In the family that adopts Moll during her teenage years, which of the two brothers does she eventually marry?

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What relative does Moll unwittingly marry?

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How long does Moll stay in America during her first tenure there?

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Which of the following is NOT one of the measures Moll takes to disburden herself of her children?

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Why is Jemy reluctant to go to London with Moll?

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Who commits suicide in Moll Flanders?

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Why does Moll dress as a man?

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For what crime is Moll finally imprisoned?

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Who does Moll see from the window on the morning after she marries the banker?

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Who urges Moll into her first act of theft?

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Who advocates on Moll's behalf in the criminal justice system?

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How does Moll react when she sees her son Humphrey in America?

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In which colony do Moll and Jemy eventually settle?

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Where do Moll and the banker have their wedding?

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How does Jemy react when he learns that Moll is pregnant with his child?

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Which of the following is not a type of merchandise that Moll frequently steals?

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When does Moll pretend to be the victim of a pickpocket?

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Which of these crimes does Moll never commit?

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Who arranges to have Moll and Jemy released from their obligatory servitude when they get to America?

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How old is Moll Flanders when she makes her final return to England?

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What does Moll name as her earliest moral transgression?

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Who initiates the first sexual liaison between Moll and her gentleman-friend at Bath?

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Who tricks whom in Moll's marriage to Jemy?